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Monday, March 7, 2011

Customer reviews, comments and ratings on Super Movenot Rug Pads

This is just a small sampling of the customer reviews we have received about our Super Movenot Rug Pads over the past 10 years:
  • After much online research & searching local stores, I bought this pad to protect newly installed hardwood floors. The effort was well worth it! It came quickly & was 1/2 the price a well known dept. store was charging for it! Following others' suggestions, I purchased a larger pad & cut it (with household scissors) to fit under several smaller area rugs. It keeps the rugs in place nicely even with an active dog & lots of foot traffic. Being somewhat paranoid about ruining my floors with the pad (read lots of horror stories about other types!), I've lifted the pads several times to check underneath...The floor still looks like new...No sticking...no marks...no discoloration. I'm very satisfied with my purchase.
  • We moved into a new house with hardwood floors so I wanted a pad that wouldn't cause a problem to the floors or slip and this pad does the trick. The pads are extremely thick, plush and dense and hold up to foot traffic very well. I had to cut them down to size for the rugs I have and that isn't an easy thing. Since they are so dense, cutting them with scissors is very hard and the blades get stuck very easily. I would suggest using a blade to slice through for a nice clean cut. After cutting it down to size, I did find that it shed some fibers after being cut so you might want to seal the edges in some way.
    Because they are so thick, I cut the pad about 2" short all the way around so the carpet could lay flat.
    Overall a great product and would buy more if I purchase additional rugs.
  • It is perfect! The rubber side works very well on hard wood floors and it keeps our rug perfectly still. Great quality for a great price. We looked several places and were not able to find this combination.
  • I recently purchased a nice Karastan wool rug to put over my carpet in my living room. I have placed rugs over carpet before, and have used various types of pads - and, on occasion, no pad at all. This was the nicest rug I have purchased, therefore, I could justify paying a bit more for the pad.

    After doing quite a lot of research and reading, I decided to give this pad a shot. I wasn't particularly optimistic, since all the previous pads I had purchased had failed my expectations and I felt I had wasted my money. Today, I have absolutely NO idea where those pads are...I feel CERTAIN they went in the trash a long time ago.

    First, I was impressed with the quick delivery. From the time I received the confirmation that the item had shipped, it was on my doorstep within 12 hours! Way, way, WAY faster than I had expected. It arrived in a heavy plastic bag that was in perfect condition.

    I rolled it out and placed my rug. A LITTLE easier said than done. To use it properly, you put the rubber side up when using over carpet. The rubber does such a grand job gripping the rug, it makes it a little difficult to position precisely. I did this alone. It would be easier with two people, but a little exercise didn't hurt me!

    There was absolutely no odor what-so-ever. The pad did shed one bit, either. No fibers flying around.

    Unlike some of the previous reviewers, my pad was cut slightly larger than the 8'x10' I had ordered. It was cut straight. I did have to trim it to fit under my rug. I recommend a good pair of heavy duty shears for the task. Even while cutting, the pad did not shred or shed. I cut it slightly smaller than the rug so it lays flat on the edges so we don't catch our toes or the vacuum cleaner on it. This prevents a trip and fall and the corners from turning up.

    Once in place, I am impressed with the feel underfoot. The pad adds some nice depth and a slight softness underfoot. It is not "squishy," but rather firm with a slight give. The pad adds a bit of luxury to the already nice rug.

    Now...the clincher...in addition to all the great things above, the thing I love the MOST about this is that, although I have had the rug and pad in place about a month now, and have had absolutely no furniture sitting on it, the carpet has not moved even one tiny bit! I have vacuumed it numerous times, and there is not even the slightest bit of movement to the rug. No little wrinkles. It has remained firmly in place.

    I will not make the mistake of wasting my money on another cheapo rug pad. After all, buy 2 of those (and curse them and toss them), and you still have nothing. Pay twice the price the first time and you will save yourself a great amount of frustration in the long run. You'll still have this pad for many years. After all..."
    Super Movenot Rug Pads are guaranteed not to mar, stain, or discolor floors or carpet for 15 years." I may have to replace the rug before the pad! I'd bet I could get a cheapo rug and the PAD would make it seem like a nice rug!
  • I purchased an 8' X 10' rug pad from CraftRugs.com. It arrived in two days and shipped for free. CraftRugs is located in Pennsylvania and I am in New York so it did not have far to go but it made it to me apartment much faster than I thought. The pad itself was cut square and I trimmed it with a pair of large sharp scissors easily; trimming with small scissors would be difficult. The pad was clean and new and shipped in a clear heavy plastic bag (no cardboard box) and this packing was adequate and environmentally sound. The pad is 1/4" thick (rubber backing approx 1/16" and felt approx. 3/16"). It had no off gassing smell. It was made from recycled felt and rubber. It had no flaking or dusty particles and required no vacuuming or sweeping that a pad of lesser quality may require. I only bought this rug pad and cannot compare it directly to anything else that is being sold. But it had no shortcomings and I am fairly certain that I picked the best available rug pad. I am using this pad on three rugs- the large one is 6 by 9 and I cut off two smaller pieces for two smaller rugs that I had in the hallway. The smaller rugs were always shifting position before but with this rug pad they finally stay put. The larger rug had no shifting problems and I got the pad to make the rug more comfortable. My dog is lying on it now instead of his usual place on the feather down couch. He looks very comfortable.

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